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Yellow Kantha skirt set for girls


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Yellow Kantha skirt set for girls



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This is a traditional Indian attire consisting of a beige sleeveless crop top made of Tussar fabric and features hand-block printed floral patterns in green and yellow. The top also has Kantha work, a traditional embroidery style from India. The bottom wear is a yellow netted skirt with embroidery, adding to the elegance of the outfit.

Handblock printing involves hand-carving designs onto wooden blocks, which are then stamped onto the fabric to create the pattern.

Kantha is a type of traditional hand-stitched embroidery that originated in Eastern India, Bangladesh, and some parts of Southeast Asia. It is often created using recycled fabric such as old sarees and dhotis, which are layered and then stitched together using a simple running stitch. The embroidery patterns used in kantha work are typically simple and repetitive, often depicting everyday life and nature. Kantha is considered as an important form of folk art and is still practiced today, both for its decorative value and for its cultural significance.



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